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Strata inspection report

Before entering into a Contract to purchase a strata property, or during the cooling-off period, Shire Legal recommends that you obtain a strata inspection report from a reputable inspection company. The strata inspection report will include:

  • the financial status of the scheme
  • pending building works
  • special levies
  • past works history
  • all expenses for the past two years
  • 10-year budget analysis
  • general information on:
    • insurances
    • by-laws
    • any disputes
    • any other areas under investigation

For more information about strata schemes, visit the NSW Dept of Fair Trading's website.


When a strata scheme is first registered with the NSW Land Registry Services (formerly the Land Titles Office or Land & Property Information Service), a model set of by-laws is selected to apply to the strata scheme. The owners corporation can subsequently change or cancel any of the strata scheme's by-laws by passing a special resolution.

Shire Legal can assist the owners corporation and/or the strata manager by drafting by-laws allowing, for example, the installation of air-conditioners, construction of pergolas, the keeping of animals, exclusive use of common areas etc.  Shire Legal can also assist with the consolidation of strata by-laws, following the passing of new legislation requiring owners corporations to consider whether the scheme's by-laws need to be consolidated.

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