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Shire Legal has assisted hundreds of clients purchasing property in the Shire, the wider Sydney metropolitan area and as far west as Broken Hill.  It doesn't need to be a difficult process - we are happy to answer as many questions as you have, and we are able to process your purchase via electronic conveyancing (PEXA), meaning that as soon as settlement has taken place, your name is on the property title - no more waiting for the paper documents to be registered with NSW Land Registry Services.

The legal process for purchasing a property is:

Before exchange

  • Providing a pre-purchase review of the Contract prior to you exchanging
  • Reviewing the Contract
  • Requesting amendments to the Contract
  • Assisting you to arrange a pest and building inspection report and/or a strata inspection report
  • Attending to you signing the Contract
  • Arranging the exchange of Contracts

Following exchange

  • Liaising with your mortgagee for the mortgage to be prepared (if applicable)
  • Asking requisitions (ie questions about the property)
  • Preparing the Transfer, authorising the transfer of the ownership of the property from the vendor
  • Obtaining property searches
  • Calculating settlement adjustment figures
  • Paper settlement - Arranging a suitable settlement date, time and location with all parties concerned, and attending settlement on your behalf
  • Electronic settlement - Uploading the required information, documents and authorities so that settlement can take place without delay

Following settlement

  • Liaising with the agent to confirm settlement has taken place and keys for the property can be handed to you
  • Paying any unpaid Council rates, water rates and/or strata levies, if provided for in settlement figures
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Found theĀ property of your dreams? Before you place an offer or pay a holding deposit, you may decide to get the contract reviewed by a Licensed Conveyancer or Solicitor.Ā  The team at Shire LegalĀ can provide you with your contract review within 24-48 hours following receipt.

Once we receive your contract, weā€™ll review all the details and provide you with a writtenĀ report setting out our findings and recommendations.

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