What can I do with my strata property? owners corporation property strata Oct 14, 2015

Unfortunately not all owners within a strata scheme are aware of their rights and obligations regarding strata ownership, which can lead to problems with other lot owners, the strata manager, and the owners corporation.

What does strata ownership involve?

Strata title refers to the type of...

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I am buying a unit. What does the term "strata" mean? owners corporation property strata strata scheme Aug 26, 2015

Strata title is a form of ownership used for multi-housing developments, such as:

  • units

  • townhouses

  • villas

  • detached dwellings within a defined area.

The strata plan divides the building(s) and the associated land into:

  • individual lots (owned by the various lot owners); and

  • common...

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